Resource folders

I am working on a site<

using Expression Engine via Joe’s EE action and when following the
set up procedure I selected common resource folder. I am now at a
point where I want to introduce the ability to change style sheets to
allow for a HiViz style sheet. I managed to do this on a previous
site but have been having trouble
getting it to work on the new one. I noticed that I had set the site
that works to have separate resource folders so I thought I would just
change the output in the new site and all would be fine. I was wrong,
all the photos disappear as the site is still trying to follow the
original path to the resource folder which no longer has the photos in
it. How do I force the site to follow the right path to find the
photos? Also the CSS switcher still doesn’t work.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



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