Safari 4 + Google maps

I use Google Maps to do route planning for cycle-touring. Also good if you
need to do via’s in your motorised route planning.

I mark the beginning, mark the end and GM shows the on road route, these are
invariably not ideal cycling along, major arterial A roads, so you can, or
could, in Safari 3 drag the route onto roads you wanted, usually
unclassified or minor roads.

The trouble with Safari 4 is that when you start dragging the route around
on the map it appears to crash and just goes back to a tiny view of the UK
and my route has disappeared.

I’ve tried this on two Intel Macs with similar results.

There are a couple of mentions of routing crashing Safari on the iPhone, but
cannot find anything on the Mac. Strange I see many people talking about
Safari crashing, mine almost never does?

All the latest Apple Patches and updates.

Best wishes Peter

Peter Tucker, Oxford UK email@hidden

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