Screen Spanning Doctor in Leopard - use 2 monitors on G5 imac

Hey folks,

I was wanting to use an extended desktop with my 20" G5 imac. I’m constantly moving palettes and windows out of the way – and that’s a pretty big screen. Out of the box, the imac does not support multiple monitors, just mirroring.

Searching around for a fix, I ran across a program called Screen Spanning Doctor.

According the the site (Extended Desktop), Screen Spanning Doctor only works on Tiger and below. Having already upgraded to Leopard, I installed tiger on a spare firewire drive, and booted up the computer from that, installing Screen Spanning Doctor while in Tiger booted off of the external. That didn’t seem to work. So I rebooted from the main hard drive into leopard and re-installed Screen Spanning Doctor. Now I have two glorious monitors and enough real estate for the inspector window, actions palette, etc.

Now, I’m not sure if I could have bypassed the whole “Tiger/booting from external hard drive” thing and just installed SSD while in Leopard. My guess is that SSD works right from Leopard. But who knows? Anyway, the exact process I outlined works like a champ.

I’m going to try installing SSD directly to Leopard on another machine tonight and report the findings.

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