ScriptyLightbox Help Needed

Hi Vince,

Glad you got it working. I just had a look at the LightView page and it states that you need to use a pre-released version of prototype that isn’t available through Google’s API:

“IE8 Compatibility: Prototype is not compatible with Internet Explorer 8, Prototype 1.6.1_rc3 is. You can download it here. This release is not available through the Google API since it’s a release candidate so you will have to host it yourself for now.”

Once downloaded you can use the External JavaScript Action to add it to your page:

Hope this helps.


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Hello Joe,

We manually placed lightview into freeway and it was rather simple (except for all the extra files we have to upload). So far lightview is working very well. But we are having issues with internet explorer 8. We are aware that there is a javascript to fix lightview for IE8 and we downloaded it and placed it in our site folder on our server. Even after that we are having issues in IE8. When we go to our site IE8 tells us we need to use its compatibility with older browsers option, this does not happen on the lightview website. When we don’t use this setting we get an error message on any page with lightview, and lightview does not work. Could this have anything to do with the way we installed the prototype.js file (IE8 fix)? Please help.

Our website is.

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