Serial Number.


I guess that to obtain sight of the Xway beta we will need to enter our previous serial number for Freeway?
Luckily I did a bit of delving in my old emails to find the number of my version (7.1.4) however I may not have registered it as it doesn’t appear on the list I just had emailed to me. Will this be an issue?

Looking forward to the fireworks.


Hi Gavin,

You don’t need a Freeway serial number to use Xway b1 - it’s free for anyone to use.

You can register your serial number with us, on our support page ( ), but it’s valid whether you register it or not.

When we start selling Xway, there will be an upgrade path for Freeway users with serial numbers.


Cheers Jeremy. I think I’m sorted now. Fired in a registration and received an acknowledgement. Oh, and backed up in the wee card index too!