Server or whacked out files?

All of the sudden my very simple site is acting up, but it happens intermittently so it’s really hard to track down the cause. I’ve tested three different browsers and have reset them all.

Here’s the problem: I can go through all the links and pages and it will be fine but then I’ll get an error saying the connection to the server was lost. Then I can refresh the page and it will load but some of the graphics won’t load, all I see is the ALT text. I refresh three times and the image shows up, but then some of the other images, like a View Cart button, will disappear and I have to reload the page again. And once in awhile the CSS (an external style sheet) doesn’t take affect. But as I said, this happens intermittently.

I have noticed that I can make it happen more frequently by jumping through some of the MP3 clips from the flash player on this page: and then going to the home page and then to other page links.

My host is telling me there’s nothing wrong with the server, but I think there is. Also, it’s not my connection. I’m able to stream movies and stuff without any problems, and I have no problems anywhere else on the web.

The only thing I’ve changed in the FW files recently was changing an internal link to the home page to an external link to get rid of the index.html tag. This was changed in in the CSS menu on the master page and on one rouge page. But I can’t see how that would screw anything up this badly.

The other reason I don’t believe it’s a file problem is I have another 1-page site that I haven’t changed in over a year and it has also showed signs of trouble – sometimes one or more of the graphics won’t load on first draw:

Anyway, I’m just wondering if you guys think it’s a server problem like I do or if maybe something has gone wrong with the FW files I uploaded to the site. It’s hard to convince the host company to check it thoroughly. They go to a few pages and they load fine and that’s it, they think everything is cool. Very frustrating.


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