Setting the default value for menus

Here’s something I just found out. When populating a menu from an
array using fwMenuItems Freeway doesn’t automatically assign the first
item in the array as the fwValue even though it is seen in the UI as
the selection. If you try and get the value directly after populating
the menu Freeway returns a null value. I’d probably consider this a
bug as it should, by default, follow the UI.
The solution is to try and remember to set the value in code.
For example;
var defaultURLs = new Array(“”,"
fwParameters[“menu”].fwMenuItems = defaultURLs;
fwParameters[“menu”].fwValue = defaultURLs[0];

Also, not that it matters for what I am doing but, does anyone know
how I can use fwMenuItems to populate both names and values in menus?
In my example I’d want to keep the existing values but make the three
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