Sharing a Freeway doc with other developers via Dropbox

The same freeway document can be shared by multiple computers without archiving the project and passing it over to another developer.

  1. What you do is first set up a shared dropbox folder
  2. invite other people/computers with other drop box accounts to share that same dropbox folder
  3. create a new freeway document and save it in the dropbox shared folder
  4. create the site folder and again in that dropbox folder
  5. You need to copy all assets into that dropbox folder prior to importing them into freeway… normally I just create a folder called assets within the dropbox folder
  6. thats it as long as everything is residing in that dropbox structure, and you remember to import any images or assets from within the dropbox environment (not your mac hard drive) then all the other mac/developers will be able to open the same freeway artwork up and carry on working on the same project.
  7. The drop box folder will synchronise and keep all the users up to date with the latest version

The only thing you cant do successfully is have more that one developer working on the same freeway document at the same time


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