Should I use new CSS Menu action or Graphic Rollovers?

Hello - currently I use the CSS Rollover action with 2 graphics for menus on some of my projects. I was excited to learn and try the new CSS menu action in the beta and have tried it out but have some questions about the “efficiency” of the new action versus the old one.

My menus look exactly like the menu bar on the upper left of this page; a mouse rollover invokes the CSS rollover action. This requires alot of work to load/group/apply the action to the 2 graphics to achieve the desired effect. Using the new beta I simply created an html item, made it a list, choose a graphic for the background, and then applied the CSS menu action to it. The work load is much lighter however I am wondering if by loading a graphic background I am not somewhat defeating the efficiency of the CSS menu action. I am just looking for the most efficient way to do this.

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And if someone knows specifically how the menu bar on this page is constructed I would also like to learn about that as well.

Thanks in advance.

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