When I was working in Freeway, I used Showcase instead of Exhibio to create image galleries because it had much greater control and precision. Are there any plans to allow exports from Showcase to Xway or does anyone know of any workarounds to use Showcase files in Xway? I’m hoping I don’t have to start all over.


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Hi Ralph,

We don’t (currently) have any plans to import Showcase galleries.

One limitation that Showcase shares with Freeway is that it is a 32-bit application, so it won’t work on recent versions of macOS (post-Mojave).

I wonder if there is a way of converting Showcase galleries into Exhibeo galleries? It might be worth asking about this on #exhibeo.


I have around 80 showcase slideshows, all linked to thumbnails on a ‘gallery’ page in a freeway site. The only way I’ve found to convert them to Exhibeo is to re-do them in Exhibeo, a few at a time. Once you have the settings for a gallery that you are happy with, duplicate and rename the Exhibeo file, delete the images and replace them with the ones you want. Then export to Xway.
Sorry, this probably should be in Exhibeo Talk.