Slider/Scrollbox/Coverflow Combinable?

Hi all,

related on another list a few months ago, Walter helped me to build up a slider as a just work. The final result was (eg):

With someone else, I have a discussion, how a coverflow (contentflow) effect could be integrated into freeway and I must admit - I stuck or run probably in a total misunderstanding. The example we would like to achieve is:

Is there anybody out there, that could me point on how to figure this out or is probably somebody out there successfully integrated this within freeway in a constructional way, so it could be probably handed out as kind of template?

A poor start-up I did is on:

Would the slider be a happy start-up in this case

Thank’s in advance for any pointers and suggestions?



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Hi Thomas

I have spent a few hours on building ContentFlow into a FW doc - and while it is relatively easy to do I have had very inconsistent results.

I have emailed the developer with a couple of questions but have not had a reply as yet. and are a couple of example pages.

But the problem I am experiencing is of incomplete page load and/or errors.

Unless this reliability issue can be sorted I cannot recommend its use.


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