Softpress re-write Navigation Popup Action for 50 options

I needed a Navigation Popup Action with the option for 200 (!) entries. Last week, less than 24 hrs. after I’d emailed Softpress support, Joe sent me a further-revised action, which he called ‘Navigation Popup 200.’

Amazing - even more unbelievable service!!!

His disclaimer: “The Action has had no testing at all, busy busy busy we are at Softpress Towers.”

But happy, happy, happy am I…and with 1 minor tweak, it seems to be working great.

As Kryten offered previously, please email me if neither 20 nor 50 is enough to meet your popup menu needs, and I’ll pass it along. If anyone would like to add it to the knowledge base, ditto.

Reach me at brik2[at]


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