Suggestion box - file browser UI annoyance

This is a suggestion box item for a long term annoyance I’ve had with FW.

Whenever one needs to reference a file (graphic, PDF, xbExport - any type whatsoever) - we can use the file browser UI to find it on the computer and link to it.

If you change your mind about using that file and want to use another however - going through the same process dumps you back out at the root menu of the file browser - instead of the location where the current file is referenced.

This is a bad thing IMO -

  1. It takes multiple steps to navigate back to the same spot
  2. It doesn’t point you back to where the original item is being referenced from
    (yes you can use “edit/resources” to find it, but that’s not the point)
  3. Chances are the replacement item you want to reference is going to be in a similar location as the first

Whenever altering an item through the file browser UI - I believe it should start in the same place it currently references.

As is - it’s a sluggish way to have to navigate. It’s way easier to click once to get back to root - it’s much harder to drill down to the last referenced location.

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