When I need superscript, as in X squared, I find that adding 2 as inline markup after X works pretty well. Is there a more user-friendly way that I have not yet discovered, corresponding to Shift +1, +2 in Freeway?

Hi John,

Thanks for asking. This looks like an omission in Xway - you should be able to choose Superscript and Subscript from the Type popup in the Span menu. We’ll add this soon!

You shouldn’t have to use double elements (as in Freeway), unless you are really superscripting a previous superscript. The correct way to do this (in a future version of Xway) would be to change the size of Superscript () elements via a default style (similar to changing the size of “Small” spans in the Default Styles section of the Document/Page/Box Inspector).


Many thanks Jeremy. Sounds good.