Are there not any really cool Freeway templates? I wouldn’t mind paying $50 - $100 for some really good ones. Where are they?

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the key stats of softpress’ Freeway are:

You create - it codes

WebDesign without wizardry

Putting the design back in webdesign

WebDesign for designers

that all to me indicates, that Freeway helps me to design my unique ideas. A template is as it is: A rigid corset that rarely matches my real wishes.

This may sound lame which isn’t really, cause the most exciting step in creating a website is to grab a cool design and then being inspired of it, rebuilding it to my real needs (or the customer wishes). This is what makes Freeway to me unique, extraordinary and so inspiring. One of my source is here:

What I personal started to think about is to create Templates including CMS system - using Freeway, but this is never targeting the Freeway community or user but engaged small companies/persons that want to have the possibility for slight small (or even big) changes.

The current (long time) project is:

http://www.test.q-ring.de/ (which has only blabla text in).

Here I’d never ship the Freeway artwork but the produced code including CMS system.

Even if I’d think about templates I think of solid, flexible constructions, I’d think of inline-constructions that look on the first view horrible complicated.

And the last thing:

There had been in the past a few (even free) templates, but we lost that source for what reason ever a few months ago. The inbuilt templates shipped with freeway are to my understanding pretty and all you need to start. Most people using them just to discover how they are built, what features they have and that’s cool.

All in all:

The amount of sold templates to my point of view wouldn’t match the amount of work and effort one is putting in. You’d need to purchase images, create buttons, think about structures, need to make sure functionality … all in all work I’d invoice for about 500-1000$ (better €) - so nothing a freeway-user would be interested in.

My 12 cents.



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