Terrible rendering of white text on a dark background

Hi every one I am doing a little research too see how wide spread this problem is…

Our company over the last few months have bought some intel imacs 24" and we have noticed that all these imacs have a consistent text rendering problem. It only occurs or should I say it’s only really noticeable when white text is placed over a dark background within an HTML page and then viewed in a browser like safari though Firefox is just as bad. The other macs which are all pro macs do not have this problem. An example of what I mean can be seen here:

You should see some blue squares with some white text within them. The ones on the left have not been fixed using the CSS shadow technique and the ones on the right have had the shadow fix applied to the text.

If you look at the top blue squares you will note that the text within both left and right squares look the same, but on the next set of pictures you will see that the text on the left hand side is really over emboldened. (The iMac set)
We have tested every iMac in this floor and I have tested my personal iMac at home and all the iMacs give the same result.

If you want to test your mac have a look here and send a reply here telling me what mac it was, what operating system etc it may be handy to compile which macs are effected.

I have read that many other people have reported the same problem to Apple and I am wondering if there is proper fix for this problem because all the CSS fixes have concentrated with placing a shadow around the text to reduce the amount of emboldening, though this only works in Safari and not in Firefox and unfortunately this effects this browser too.

I have also tried all the suggested adjustments within Appearance / font smoothing style and unfortunately this has no effect on this problem.

I suspect this is an operating system flaw rather than browser problem but any information, workarounds or general information would be handy to know, plus any information on where this problem resides for example: the operating system, the monitors or with the browsers, would also be handy to know.

If your html pages are suffering from this problem and would like to know how to fix it “well at least for Safari” then have a read of this page

It basically places a shadow around the text and that shadow needs to be the same colour as the background. It does work but its not an ideal solution… though it’s better than nothing!!!

kind regards max

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