test /survey - need help to check...

Hello everybody. I need some help to test the beta version of godelia.tv. At this moment it is quite naked, just with some videos, and Im building the sections, but Im on a big doubt: At my studio have Mac, windows, a couple of mobiles, and videos work ok on them, but some people have told me that at their home or office or mobiles they cant see the videos.

I need help to test if it works properly or not, so, can you please enter at http://www.godelia.tv/danza/ and tell me if when you play the video, you see:

  1. spot from an agency (few seconds)
  2. short video Nederlands danse Theatre (about 6 minutes)
  3. Full spanish dance show (about 45 minutes)

What Im sure is that the advertisement is not shown at mobiles, no this is not an error.

If you can give help, please, I would appreciatte. PLease tell me if you see the videos as I said, and if you cant see them wich OS and explorer have.

Of course, you dont need to see the videos to the end, just fast forward them!! (not the spot, it cannot be fast forwarded)

Thanks from now

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