The page div - why?

According to the Xway manual, pages need a

as its root element. You say even that the type of the page div, cannot be changed

But why? What issues do you solve by that?

Why not instead require a special id or class for the body element? For example:

May be you have good reasons for your choice. But let me explain what I think the idea to use the body element would solve:

  1. Web designers know that the type of the body element cannot be changed

  2. they also considers it the root - thus the do not need to learn that Xway considers something else the root.

  3. It would be simpler to remake existing templates in Xway E.g if one wants to remake a page or template in Xway and if that page/tenplate itself contains a page div (such as <div class=“content” ), it seems the current approach would result in two page divs - that if Xway and that of the template. And if the imported code contains no page div, it would be impossible to remake the page/template in Xway unless you rethink the entire template.

Leif Halvard Silli