Tutorial Site not 'Responsive'


I just ran through the ‘Ambient-2’ Tutorial with Xway version b3 which I thought was excellent.
It was much more straight forward than Freeway with Backdraft etc. (as good as that is).
At the end of the Tutorial my site appeared identical to ‘Ambient-2’, except it wouldn’t do the responsive thing.
For the life of me, I can’t identify what I might have missed.
It seemed as I was working through the Tutorial that when Previewed, it would be set up for a responsive result (like Backdraft).
Have I missed a setting selection somewhere when setting up at the beginning? Or did I some how miss a step at the end?
Is that enough to go on for all the detectives out there?

Thanks for any clues or advice.

I think you’re saying that the site you created with the tutorial isn’t flexible, in contrast to the sample site (Ambient) that is on our website (and was created following the tutorial steps).

There isn’t anything that you have to do in order to create a flexible site in Xway, so I think that you must have done something that prevents your site from being flexible. Have you set a fixed width for any of the pages or boxes?

You can test if your site is flexible by resizing the page area within Xway. One way to do this is to drag the divider between the Inspector panel and page area (making the page narrower). Does the page resize when you do this?


On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 04:13 AM, Jeremy Hughes wrote:

Have you set a fixed width for any of the pages or boxes?

Thanks Jeremy. That was exactly the thing I somehow overlooked.
Inside the “Box Inspector”, as soon as I made “Width” inside “Dimensions”, “Undefined”, the pages functioned as expected.

Since my Template page had that oversight in it, of course my other pages carried that error until I went through and updated them individually as well. I can see how it will be brilliant when “Master” pages are here, as I expect that one fix there would cascade through the children of the Master page.

I have since gone and updated a Freeway site with Xway which has gone rather smoothly.
This version could almost make it live if I can add a secure type of Forms for my contacts that won’t get easily spammed.

Keep up the good work. This is looking really great. I actually look forward to paying you for the version you think is complete. Thanks for your time and input regarding my question.