UPDATE: Freeway + MODX Tutorial

Well, Tim Plumb has come to the rescue.

Tim has updated his Remote Resources Action to fix some long-standing and frustrating Freeway-related path issues. Problems that tend to pop-up when using a CMS, among other things. Problems that also affected the MODX CMF.

The tutorial has been updated and should now make it even easier to integrate MODX into a Freeway Pro workflow.


Thank you, Tim.

Also, if you’re a FW user and have any interest in or need help with using any CMS with FWP contact me off-list and I’ll send you an invitation to the Freeway + CMS Slack Team. Many of Freeway’s brightest and most helpful and experienced users are already members.

Office (Chicago): 312.212.3955
Community: https://creativ.space

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