Uploading Xway website using FTP in CPanel

Hello everyone! I’m hoping to get some help. I’ve completed a website using Xway and have been unable to get images (jpeg) to show when viewed online. The website is fully visible when using the preview function in Xway. The upload was done to /public_html using the FTP function in CPanel on hosting provider. Any thoughts/suggestions?

Debugging steps ahoy!

  1. Is this problem only certain JPEGs, or all JPEGs?
  2. Do other image file formats, like PNG or GIF, work correctly?
  3. Do you see an empty image placeholder where the missing images should be when you view the page in a browser?
  4. In your cpanel, are you able to see the image files listed in the public_html/resources folder on the server?
  5. If you look at those files in the cpanel file listing, do they appear to have the correct file size?
  6. If your cpanel listing view shows you the file permissions on those image files, are they listed as 644 or 664, or something else? (If you don’t see these sorts of numerical indicators, do you see anything that indicates that these files are world-readable? You do want that for images.)
  7. In your browser, when viewing the page containing the images, do you see anything in the Web Inspector’s network tab indicating that the page is trying to load those images, but failing? (To get the Web Inspector to show, in Safari, in the preferences dialog’s Advanced tab, check on the “Show Develop menu” option. Then Control-click on the page anywhere and choose Inspect Element from the contextual submenu.)

Somewhere in this process, you will likely discover some clues that can help us further. If you would post a link to your page here, one of us could also run through the last one of these steps directly (naturally, we don’t want to do anything with your cpanel).

Good luck!


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I use Cyberduck to upload my site from Xway so not sure if this will help, but I have noticed that after I publish my site, and then open the site folder to start an upload, often the folder is not refreshed with the new, published details. I sometimes see an older date next to some of the items. When that happens I simply use CMD+up arrow to go to the enclosing folder and then CMD+down arrow to go back, and the site folder refreshes in the finder, then I manually upload the entire site if needed, or just the changed files if I know which they are.

I’ve made the switch to using Cyberduck for upload and all is well now. Prior to using Xway for my site rebuild, I had been using the upload function in Freeway Pro and as with any change there were speed bumps along the way. Thanks to all who offered helpful insights!

Hi Michael,

There are some instructions on using Cyberduck to upload an Xway website in the Xway User Guide (available in the Xway Help menu).

We are planning to add a built-in Upload option in a future version of Xway.