Using Google Maps

I went and got me a Google Site Map Key so that I could play with and
learn about imbedding Google Maps into my website.

My website is at:

And our company’s address is at 221 S Mill St., Beloit, KS 67420. I
figured out from the action where to put my address, unfortunately, in
my small town, Google puts us at the wrong end of the Block. Google
thinks we are at the north end of the block, and actually we are at
the south end of that block if you look at our home page.

So, how can I get the marker to show closer to the actual location in
the map on my website.

Ultimately, I’m not so much interested in showing visitors where we
are at, but rather where our customers are at. For example, we have
something called an auction calendar, that tells where and when and a
brief summary of what, for the auctions and auctioneers in our area.
If people are interested, they can download a PDF of a complete sale
bill (listing of stuff being sold) that they can print out and take
with them. This is actually quite popular in our area. I would be
interested in some suggestions in how I could provide quick directions
to auction locations, for visitors to our website, utilizing Google

I would also be interested in some examples from you all on how you’ve
utilized Google Maps in your Freeway designed sites.


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What you’ll need to do is find the Lat Long for your address. Then use that to direct Google Maps.

If you’re not sure how to find that, try this:

   1. Goto
   2. Enter your address in the Maps section and click GO
   3. The map displayed will show the lat/lon of the center of the map.  You can click to re-center as needed.

Hope this helps.

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Or use Walter’s nifty tool for this


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