Varying page dimensions?

I have multiple pages in my site, each one an image in my portfolio. Many can be sized the same, but others have different dimensions/aspect ratios. Is it possible to format/size individual pages differently?

You can set the size of the pagediv by clicking on it and changing its dimensions or max/min dimensions in the Box Inspector. But remember that devices (desktops, tablets, mobiles) have different screen sizes, so it’s best to avoid setting a fixed size for the pagediv. You probably want your pages to display flexibly on different devices.

There is a default maximum width (1200 px) which you can set or change in the Document Inspector or in the Box Inspector. Changing the value in the Document Inspector will affect all pages that don’t have their own specific sizes. Changing this value in the Box Inspector will affect that specific page.

So if I didn’t want to put hard values in the page-div size, what could I do to have it recognize the image dimensions?

If you insert an image on an Xway page, it will default to being flexible, but Xway will set its maximum width to 50%. If you want the image to display at a larger size (but in lower resolution on high-resolution screens) you can delete the maximum width. If you wanted the image to display at the same fixed size on any screen (regardless of whether it will fit without scrolling), you could set the width of the image to a fixed size, such as the pixel width of the image.

Remember we can’t work with page sizes in web design the way we can in print; the layout can be limited or fixed, but the browser window size is down to the end visitor. The pagediv gives a structure that will (unless you give it an absolute measurement value) flex to fill a browser window’s width – up to a maximum of 1200px (unless you change that). Which you can do on a page-by-page basis if you like, although it could lead to a site that feels quite inconsistent.