[VID] JQuery 101 - Cycle Plugin

I use the JQuery Cycle plugin quite a few times on my website (www.danjasker.com) and if you’re unfamiliar with JQuery then it’s time to do some explaining. JQuery is a JavaScript library and it is capable of doing some really next-generation effects on the web.

In this screencast entitled JQuery 101 I start off by explaining what JQuery is and what can be done with it by using the JQuery Cycle plugin found at JQuery Cycle Plugin and while there are no Freeway actions for these effects, it will require some simple hand coding and an attention to detail to understand how these things work. I can guarantee you that if you follow the steps in the screencast you’ll easily be able to have these effects on your website, because this screencast opens the door to new presentation possibilities.

It’s important to note that JQuery and any Protaculous actions will not play well together. The list of actions that use Protaculous can be found at actionsforge.com.

Here is a list of topics covered:

  1. Taking a look at real work examples of the plugin in use

  2. What files you need to download

  3. What different effects are possible

  4. How and where to go to implement different effects outside of the screencast sample

  5. How to setup your Freeway document to use these effects

  6. How to properly setup optional hyperlinks to control the effects

  7. Help you write some simple HTML code

  8. How to use Page HTML Markup to insert some code and what each part means

  9. Help better define JavaScript functions required to have a working effect

  10. Help you locate other demos and examples to use on your own

  11. A complete wrap up with how the effect works and each part that went into it

There is a lot of great background information included on Javascript function writing and also a bit more with the Freeway software on how to use custom code on your site.

Runtime: 25 mins, 31 seconds.

I like to think of this screencast as the Pandora’s Box to new ways to use JQuery to present content online.

The screencast can be read about at this link as well as purchased via the store link in the navigation bar or by clicking on the link at the bottom of the entry.



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