Webyep and action suite-Excellent package

I was asked by a client to add a CMS system to their site to enable them to edit text and images themselves.

Knowing nothing about CMS/coding etc. I purchased the WebYep action suite from Max Fancourt (via Webyep site) and a Webyep licence for the site from Objective Development. www.obdev.at

If you’re after a great, easy to set up and stable CMS system to offer clients, I’d go for this combination. The client will find it simple and easy to use, and you as the designer can get on with the job without technical hassles.

MAMP is another piece of software which is very useful in the process of testing (www.mamp.info/en/index.php) As Freeway is unable to preview .php pages, you’ll need to set up MAMP on your hard drive. It basically mimics a server environment locally on your machine, enabling you to preview and test your pages locally, before uploading the site and Webyep’s system folder to your hosting space to go live.

Congrats to Max Fancourt for an excellent product, and super fast, clear and patient support to any queries that you have while setting your site up with Webyep.

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