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Hi everyone…
Thought I better mention that OBD have launched a new version of the WebYep system (Version 1.4)
This new version has quite a few new features which on the surface don’t seem that much of a jump forward, but on closer inspection are quite important.
The main ones that effect freeway users are as follows.


  1. Loop blocks can now be enabled/disabled — this is to hide whole loop blocks and preserve them for later use.

  2. The Attachment Element now supports the “Content: for all documents” attribute.

  3. The configuration of TinyMCE and FCKEditor can now be set up in an extra file located in the webyep-system/program/opt folder: For FCKEditor the file must named “fckeditor_init.php” and for TinyMCE “tinymce_init.php”. This is a great improvement because now whenever WebYep is upgraded the extensions you have added to either of these two editors will be kept rather than over written.

  4. On a quick test I performed a day or two ago it looks like the TinyMCE editor is now fully functioning within Safari. In other words the Safari plugin for TinyMCE has been activated… Yippeeee

  5. The formatting codes of the Long Text Element can now also be used for the image description text of the Image Gallery Element.


  1. When a Gallery Element was placed inside a loop, editing an image of one loop block’s gallery effected the other block’s galleries.This has now been fixed.

  2. Bugs in the Menu Element regarding closing/opening of JavaScript menu trees have been fixed.

  3. Bug fixes regarding the Image Gallery Element (loop issue) and the Menu Element (JavaScript for opening/closing menu trees).This has now been fixed.

  4. The selected entry in the Menu Element was not tagged correctly via CSS under certain circumstances. This has now been fixed.

The upgrade is free for all licensees.
No new license code is needed.
This version of WebYep is data backwards compatible to all versions since 1.1.0.


All these new features and bug fixes have no effect on the current WebYep Actions suite’s compatibility and the existing version 2.3 is fully compatible.

A quick update on the WebYep Action suite for Freeway (Version 3) which is in beta stage. I hope to get this finished in the near future but on ofthe new actions is turning out to be a visual and logistical nightmare. This being the new WebYep Menu style action. So hence the delay of this all new suit.

As a quick run down on what you should expect to see.
Five new WebYep actions
These will be actions that will give the Freeway builder the ability to convert existing normal items into WebYep instances while preserving the css styling assigned to these items. the other advantage of these new actions is the ability to build pages with real text and images to aid design and then when the Designer is ready to finnaly publish the site You will have the option to Activate the WebYep Actions (swop the content for code WebYep ready for population).

I have finally sorted out a Spanish translation for the freeway interface thanks to to my Spanish teacher, so that will add Spanish to the existing German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, and English variants.

I will post an update on the expected launch date of the new Version when I am closer to kicking the WebYep Menu styler into submission, and obviously this version will be free to all the people that have bought the action suite in the past.

All the best Max

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