Xway b1

On Tue, Nov 5, 2019 at 10:59 PM, Jeremy Hughes wrote:

We missed our planned release time by about 90 minutes (we were aiming for 9pm GMT)…

Tsk tsk… :slight_smile:

Dramatic effect? Anyhow, it all looks perfectly agreeable. Time for a large Balblair malt then up tomorrow to give it a good seeing to.

I hope the team enjoy the rest of the evening.

for what i’ve seen, it’s a real improvement, but something i get used to soon… very good job… but since i missed my nappingtime by 90 minutes now, i first need go to sleep before i can find out more.

please excuse my bad english - i’m from india and don’t know so well. i have ben waiting so long for so good software for the web design. i use freeway (express) to make 3 websites about indian elephants - nice animal by the way. xway i tested today after download and i never saw so good software at least in not india from where i am. All the best for you. Regards Zip

No, no not good. Very rudimentary

My favorite part of the Xway page was the last thing on it, not a surprise, but a nice reinforcement of the point.

“This page was made with Xway.”

On Nov 5, 2019, at 4:59 PM, Jeremy Hughes <email@hidden> wrote:

We missed our planned release time by about 90 minutes (we were aiming for 9pm GMT), but I think Joe has done a great job on the web site.

Can’t wait to see what the future is going to be like!

“The future is here” (slogan on our web site).

More seriously - Xway b1 is a starting point. We will be adding new stuff over the coming weeks and months.

And as Richard (Softpress CEO) has said, Xway is created by the same team that worked on Freeway. I started working on it in early 2018, but for the past year I’ve been working in a team with Stewart Fellows and Simon Manning, colleagues from “Softpress Towers”.


Great news. Thank you for all of your hard work. I’ll look forward to playing and experimenting with the new software. The interface looks like a massive improvement and there’s more functionality to come!

Freeway helped me start my web design business 13 years ago which is still going strong. It has a special place in my heart and I’m so pleased that you have managed to relaunch.

Thanks again.