Xway b3

We’re planning to release Xway b3 early next week!

This is a list of new features:

  • Components (Exhibeo galleries or other content)
  • Pages and folders can be copied and pasted
  • Boxes can be copied and pasted
  • Text can be copied and pasted
  • Folders (and their contents) can be duplicated
  • Favicons
  • Web view
  • HTML view
  • Absolute boxes can be duplicated by Option-dragging
  • The content of markup items can be taken from an external text file
  • Cookies can be disabled for YouTube videos
  • Flow Root checkbox for container boxes
  • Extended attribute/property names and meta tag names can be edited
  • The Site panel can be hidden or shown
  • The Inspector panel can be hidden or shown
  • The way that h1, figure, and link elements are styled within Xway matches the way that they are styled in browsers
  • Auto punctuation (replacing double space with “. ”) is disabled in markup fields
  • Hex values that are preceded by # can be pasted into hex color fields
  • Improvements to YouTube and Vimeo iframe previews
  • Iframes have a default content size of 300x150 (as in browsers)

Bug fixes, including:

    • and − buttons are visible in macOS 11 (Big Sur)