2 Grphics in Header

I have 2 graphics in my header. I want to position them independently. I would like their bottom edges to be at different distances from the bottom of the header. 1 graphic is at the left and the other is on the right. The header is 900px wide. One graphic is 228 pixels wide and the other is 317 pixels wide (if that makes any difference).

Hi Kittyhawk,

Look in the Margins and Alignment section of the Box Inspector. You can set the vertical alignment of graphics via the Vertical Align popup, and you can also add margins.

If you’re coming from Freeway to Xway, I’d encourage you to work through the Xway tutorials that are on our website. These provide step-by-step instructions for creating flexible websites that will adapt to different devices (phones, tablets, computers). Xway also supports modern forms of CSS layout such as Flexbox, which is helpful for creating flexible layouts (see the Xway Flexbox Tutorial).