A good gig for the right person

A new, and from the sound of it lucrative job opportunity came up, but regrettably I don’t have time right now (and they are looking to hire someone a.s.a.p.) so I’m throwin’ this out to the FWT crowd (among others) on the off-chance someone here is interested.

I don’t have a lot of specifics but the client is in the healthcare industry (east coast) and manages a large staff of publishers/editors. They currently use Wordpress to publish (text) articles and rich-media. They also rely heavily on deep social network integration. Essentially they need more granular publishing control over their users, along with better security on a more flexible and easily customizable platform than Wordpress is capable of providing so they want to migrate the site to a different system, probably MODX (yes, I already have some interest from that community). While they seem impressed with MODX I don’t think there are married to it yet, so if you have experience with other Big Boy platforms I’m sure they would consider other options.

You will obviously need to be comfortable working with code (HTML5, CSS3 and js for sure, and probably some basic PHP). This is definitely not a FW project.

And that’s all I know. If interested contact me off-list with your info and I will forward it accordingly.


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