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I’ve noticed a very slight rise in the amount of comment spam on FreewayTalk lately, and I wonder if any of you good folks could help me out with that. If you are willing to devote a little bit of your time to receive an occasional e-mail message that looks something like this:

New Message posted at ActionsForge

Please review the following message and approve or delete it as spam:

[entire message body here]

Approve      Mark as Spam (links)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Forge-bot

If you feel as though you can contribute to this effort, please e-mail me off-list (Control-click my name in Mail and choose New Message, or click my name in this message’s header on the Web forum to see my contact info) and use your preferred e-mail address as the From: address. I will set you up with an “editor” key in your Forge account so you will get these messages. It’s not a high-volume task, but I want to spread it around so I don’t feel like the maid here.



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