Adding a video in Freeway 7

This is very basic I know! I have been working with Freeway for many years.
I have gone in to update a website only to find that the video on the front page of the site is apparently not functioning.
I have probably missed something here but was just trying to find how to get the video working again. Are the Quicktime actions still valid or is there another Action for html5 video? I’ve hit a blank with this and had a search but couldn’t find an answer. It was supposed to be a quick tweak of the website content but now am needing to find if I have missed something significant regards adding video to a page in Freeway 7.

Any helpful insights or guidance is most welcome.

Freeway 7 uses native HTML5 video containers. If you just drag a video onto the page, it will create a new container for it and the video should play. The video has to be in MPEG-4 format for this to work, because that’s what most of the browsers have standardized on. You can add additional formats to the video through the Inspector (while the main MPEG-4 format is selected) and add an OGG version. Certain versions of FireFox require OGG, and won’t use MP4.


If you don’t see an option to use video elements (as opposed to QuickTime elements), make sure that the HTML level is set to HTML5. You can set this at a document level in the Output pane of Document Settings. When you’ve done this, check that the page’s output level is also set to HTML5 (in the HTML Output pane of the Inspector palette).


Thank you Walter and Jeremy,

Much appreciated.

Thats very helpful and now I see it it comes back to me!
I am going back through some older sites which were built pre responsive days and trying to rebuild as responsive whilst retaining some of the ‘charm’ of the originals!

Much to do!

Hope you are both well.