All gif Text has blue highlight when I add background

How do I place text (doesn’t have to be html) over an inline graphic

The simple answer is you can’t. Inline graphics sit within the flow of text in an HTML box and that limits how you can work with them in normal ways.

But… the slightly less simple answer is you can.

If you draw a graphic box within the existing graphic box before you copy/paste it into the HTML text flow, that graphic box will sit as a ‘child object’ within the other graphic. It will be generated as part of the final graphic that you see in your browser.

You can’t draw a graphic box ‘into’ another if that is already an inline graphic. BUT if your inline graphics are already set up then try this trick:

  1. Make your caption, using a graphic box.
  2. Position it over your inline graphic. (I’m assuming things are layered BTW. Otherwise this won’t work at all.)
  3. Click the title of the Site panel, over on the left. This will toggle it to the Page view, where you should see all the items in your current page.
  4. Select your caption box. It will show up in the panel on the left.
  5. In the panel, drag your caption box ‘into’ your inline image box, which will show up nested within the HTML box. It should end up indented (nested) inside the image, which is inside the HTML box.

You’ll probably need to practise this once or twice to reallt get what’s happening, but it sounds more fiddly than it is, trust me. :slight_smile:


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Thank you, Keith! That WAS certainly easy enough once I got the hang of it. And I think it helps me better understand the structure of this software (not that I really want to—it’s hard enough keeping up with the CAD software I use in my normal line of work!)


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