[ANN] New Community Tutorial Project

As previously mentioned (ad nauseam) here’s a new place for designers, geeks, artists, animators etc. to share tutorials, reviews, general articles, and rants about whatever floats their respective boat.

https://creativ.space https://creativ.space/

But more importantly a big thank you to the following.

From FWT:
Walter - For his general insight on making the site more secure.
Ernie - For his UX suggestions and for kickin’ around some CSS-related ideas with me in the very early development stages.
Thomas - For his early testing help and feedback.

And from the MODX community because these guys provided invaluable help with this project and deserve their props.
(If any of you ever use MODX you will most likely run into these people on that forum.)

BobRay - For his mad PHP skills and intimate knowledge of the MODX framework.
donshakespeare - For his relentless development work with merging Responsive Filemanager, TinyMCE and MODX.
bruno17 - For his assistance in customizing the search function and his scary-good skills for add-on development.
sottwell - For her considerable PHP skills and knowledge of all things MODX.

If I forgot anyone I apologize.

That CREATiv Guy

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