API Request (and Freeway feature request)

I just had a support question about using Protaculous in a secure
(SSL) hosted page. Out of the box, there’s no way to fix this cleanly
– you’d have to use Source Code Snooper at the page level to rewrite
the request to Google’s CDN from http:// to https://. This works, but
since SCS turns Freeway into TextEdit, it makes your design life

This also reminds me of another problem. If you’re making a site with
secure pages, any links to those pages need to be absolute, include
the https protocol and the domain, unless it’s a link from one secure
page to another. So in a large site document, if you have a folder
that’s secure and others that are not, you have to split the site into
separate documents, and you have to manually manage all of your URLs.

So in Freeway, add a page-level flag for “This Page Is Secure”, and
expose it to Actions through a fwPage parameter like fwPage.securePage
or something like that. Then in my Action, I could interrogate the
page before writing a call out to the CDN, and substitute https for
http there. And even better, any pages within Freeway that include
links to that page would know to construct an absolute URI rather than
a relative URL when writing their links. This behavior could be
toggled off when publishing locally for Preview, and back on whenever
Publish or Upload was chosen.



PS: I’ll have to modify the shared Scripty code if I want to fix this
in a “meantime” manner with a checkbox on the page, since only the
last Scripty Action to publish on a page actually writes out the CDN

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