Attaching linked files

I recently updated my MacBook Pro to one of the new M1s, and after making the transition, Xway listed all of my resources as inacccessible. I began to re-link everything, but noticed a behavior quite different than that of Freeway, which used to allow a re-linked file which was in the same folder as other images, to re-link all. In Xway, I am forced to re-link every single file individually. This is tedious, and I wonder of this is something that can be added to a future version.

Hi Bert,

Xway cannot copy Freeway’s behaviour in this situation because it is a modern sandboxed app, and sandboxed apps are not allowed to access files unless the user has given permission - typically by choosing the file in a file dialog. This is generally a good thing (sandboxed apps are safer) but it sometimes creates extra work.

However, Xway does make the process of locating inaccessible resources much easier than it would be otherwise. Firstly, it knows where the resource is located, so it automatically sets the Locate dialog to display the correct folder (the folder that contains the resource). Secondly, it enables the Locate button in the Locate dialog whenever a folder contains a resource that has the correct name (as in this case). This means you don’t have to hunt through the folder to find the resource. All you actually need to do (for each resource) is: 1. Choose Locate in the Resources view, 2. Press Return.

For more information on this, see Locating resources in the Resources chapter of the User Guide.

Thanks for explaining that. As I did this, I realized that each resource was correctly identified and that it was easy to re-link it, it’s just that I have hundreds of images and PDF files to re-link. I’m about half way there.