Bad image quality - skies

Hello everybody,
I attach here two screenshots of an image that you can find in my “American Elegy” section the preview of the sky in Freeway is terrible, while it’s ok once uploaded.
Sometimes (most of the times I would say) it happens exactly the opposite.
If you check the Iconic China section Luca Campigotto ICONIC CHINA the skies are bad both in preview than when uploaded, while if I open the file in Photoshop the image looks fine.
It doesn’t change if I choose hi-res, or 100% or 75% quality. And all the jpegs are prepared in Photoshop i

n the same way.
Does anybody know why?
Many thanks,

Hi Luca,

Freeway defaults to 16-bit (“thousands of”) over 24-bit (“millions of”) colours for its preview images. This is what is causing the banding in your first image. You can change this default in Document Settings, but you will need to reimport the image for this to take effect (you can do this by clicking on the Resample button in the Modify Graphic dialog), and it will also make your document larger. Freeway has problems with documents that are larger than 2 GB.

If you get banding in a published image, perhaps the preview image is being used in publishing. This happens when the original image can no longer be found. You should get a warning about this in Freeway when you publish your site.

Also: if you want an image to be published without any changes, you can use pass-through images in Freeway. Pass-through images are images that are imported into an HTML (blue or green) box rather than a graphic (grey) box.