Best way to have downloadable pictures?

Could someone suggest a good way to have pictures, we’re talking around hundred on one page, that can be downloaded individually by clicking? I guess Exhibeo in one form or another can do the trick? All hundred must be displayed together.
Any and all suggestions welcomed.
Thanks, Jon

Hi Jon,

You could also link each image to itself, using a Resource link in Xway (the Xway Tutorial does this).

The difficult part is getting the image to download instead of having the browser open it. There is a download attribute that is supposed to do this. You can add this as an extended link attribute in Xway, but Xway doesn’t know that it can be output as a Boolean attribute, so you will also need to specify a filename as its value (this can be the same as the original filename, or different).

I don’t think this works when a site is previewed locally (it doesn’t for me), so you may need to test after uploading.

As for arranging the pictures on a page, the simplest way to do this would be to import them as normal images and give them a maximum percentage width (e.g. 12%) along with a minimum pixel width (e.g. 120px). The images will reflow on narrow devices (you might also want to add margins). Select all the images when you have imported them, and experiment with different sizes, margins, etc.

Thank you.

Your solution(s) seems a little complicated. Perhaps it is me that didn’t explain myself properly. I just want people to click on an image to have it downloaded to their computer. If I have them (the pictures) all imported to Exhibeo I suppose they can right click to save an image. Right?

Users can right-click or control-click on any image to save it, whether it’s in an Exhibeo gallery or directly on a page. That’s generally true of any website.

I thought you wanted a more direct way of downloading images (click to download).

“Click To Download” would of course be ideal, but that seemed somewhat arduous to accomplish. I’ll take the easy way out this time.

Will Exhibeo tackle around 100 images without problems in one go?

I think Exhibeo should be fine. I have a Thumblie gallery with 70 images in it.

You might want to break it up into separate galleries if you have more than that, so it doesn’t become slow for users (depending on their internet connection).

Note that if users control-click on a thumbnail (rather than an expanded image) they will be downloading the thumbnail.

Thank you, Jeremy,

I will leave instructions on top of the page.


Hi Jon - there is a way to make a browser download the target of a link no matter what it might be: add the word “download” to the link code. In Xway this is done by adding this as an item in the Extended Attributes panel in the Link inspector.

Select your link (whatever it might be), then add an item to the Extended Attributes list by clicking the + button. Type “download” (without the quotes) into the Name field, and you’re done; when someone clicks the link, even if it’s to an image, the browser will download it.

If you leave the Value field empty the file will be downloaded with its current name. If you add something to that field the downloaded file will be given that as its name.

I mentioned the download attribute in an earlier reply, but it’s something we should support directly because Xway doesn’t know it’s a Boolean attribute - so it outputs download=“” instead of download. You can put a file name in the Value field as a workaround (Xway will output download=“[file name]”).

Thanks again, but the page (60thPics ) is already up and running. It worked fine with Exhibeo and right clicking. Occam’s razor comes to mind.
Anyway, thanks for all the input.

Jeremy, does the old Freeway trick of putting the single-word attributes in the value slot (leaving the name slot empty) work in Xway?


Hi Walter,

No, it outputs download="" instead of download. The problem is that Xway doesn’t know this is a boolean attribute - in contrast to (e.g.) alt text where alt="" is correct (for images that shouldn’t have alt text).

In future, we plan to support this attribute directly. I think we should also keep a list of boolean attributes that we don’t support directly, so we can output them correctly if they’re used as extended attributes.

Sorry, I misread your question! Xway doesn’t allow you to leave the Name slot empty.

Thanks! Makes sense. That was a helpful bug in Freeway!


My issue is the opposite here. I want to PREVENT people from downloading images from the site. With Freeway in the olden days, I could create a “mask” of sorts that prevented it… I do not see a way to do this in Xway I suppose there is no way to prevent people from screenshotting or screegrabbing, but our artwork is fine art and many limited editions and saving .jpgs makes us sad

Is there a prevent save function that I am missing?

This rapidly gets into a Spy vs. Spy race to the bottom. In short, if they can see it on the Web, then they have already “downloaded” it. It’s in their browser’s cache. You can certainly make it more difficult for them to “right-click and save”, but really even that is not going to do much for a determined thief.

My best advice to you is to watermark your images, and make them no larger than absolutely needed if you want to keep this to a minimum.

Anything else that would be simple to implement in Xway would be trivial to disable for the even slightly sophisticated thief (disable JavaScript and have at it, basically).


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I’m not sure how the Freeway mask worked, but one way you can prevent people from control/right-clicking is to put an empty box in front of the image. E.g.

  1. Insert a box
  2. Insert an image within this box
  3. Insert another box after the image
  4. Give the second box absolute position
  5. Set its width and height to be 100%

Now, if someone clicks on the image, the click will go to the empty box that is in front of the image, and they won’t see a download option.

But it’s easy to get round this: users can display the source and copy the link from there.

Thank you both! Jeremy that is pretty much what I remembered (and mentioned in an email to you as well) I will do some investigating to see if that is something that will work for us now