Big Sur

I am finding that X-way crashes consistently on launch in Big Sur 11.0.1 with a Problem Report starting as below. I gather from previous comments that it should be running normally. Is it just me? This is an iMac 18,3 with 40Gb memory.
Report first lines

Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000000000

Termination Signal: Illegal instruction: 4
Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 0x4
Terminating Process: exc handler [530]

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0 com.softpress.Xway 0x00000001060037af 0x105e9e000 + 1464239
1 com.softpress.Xway 0x0000000106003855 0x105e9e000 + 1464405
2 0x00007fff22d0003b loadItemEntryLazyInfoIfNecessary + 152
3 0x00007fff2330241c -[NSOutlineView _updateSourceListIndentation] + 215
4 0x00007fff22cf13ed -[NSOutlineView _uncachedNumberOfRows] + 339
5 0x00007fff22d018d1 -[NSTableView _verifySelectionIsOK] + 168
6 0x00007fff22cfdcda -[NSTableView _tileAndRedisplayAll] + 316
7 0x00007fff22d943c3 -[NSOutlineView reloadData] + 521
8 com.softpress.Xway 0x0000000106124331 0x105e9e000 + 2646833
9 com.softpress.Xway 0x00000001061254a8 0x105e9e000 + 2651304
10 0x00007fff22e43a0e -[NSDocumentController openUntitledDocumentAndDisplay:error:] + 414
11 0x00007fff22eac26d -[NSDocumentController(NSInternal) _openUntitled] + 102
12 0x00007fff22e43088 -[NSApplication _doOpenUntitled] + 424
13 0x00007fff22dd90eb __58-[NSApplication(NSAppleEventHandling) _handleAEOpenEvent:]_block_invoke + 232
14 0x00007fff22dd8da1 __90-[NSDocumentController(NSInternal) _autoreopenDocumentsFromRecords:withCompletionHandler:]_block_invoke + 52
15 0x00007fff22dd8bc3 -[NSDocumentController(NSInternal) _autoreopenDocumentsFromRecords:withCompletionHandler:] + 315
16 0x00007fff22dd8a60 __97-[NSDocumentController(NSInternal) _autoreopenDocumentsIgnoringExpendable:withCompletionHandler:]_block_invoke_3 + 95
17 0x00007fff22dd864a -[NSDocumentController(NSInternal) _autoreopenDocumentsIgnoringExpendable:withCompletionHandler:] + 590
18 0x00007fff22c5e238 -[NSApplication _reopenWindowsAsNecessaryIncludingRestorableState:completionHandler:] + 249
19 0x00007fff22c5e02d -[NSApplication(NSAppleEventHandling) _handleAEOpenEvent:] + 528
20 0x00007fff22c5dc90 -[NSApplication(NSAppleEventHandling) _handleCoreEvent:withReplyEvent:] + 665

Hi John,

Thanks for this report.

We haven’t had time to test Xway within Big Sur, and we don’t recommend upgrading immediately, but we will fix any problems when we release a new version in the coming weeks.

The log shows that the problems are happening when the Site panel is first displayed after automatically reopening an existing document. You might be able to work around this by disabling the automatic reopening of existing documents: e.g. try turning on “Close windows when quitting an app” in General preferences.


Thanks for the suggestion, Jeremy. The report came from a clean install on a new Big Sur volume where no document had ever been opened because Xway was never able to start. I always have “Close windows when quitting” enabled. No problem as I have a Catalina volume.

Hi John,

We’ve reproduced the problem here, and we will fix it soon!


We’ve just released a minor update to Xway (b2.3), which runs on macOS 11 Big Sur.

You can download the update from our website (click on “Download the Xway beta now” on the Xway page).


Well done. That is excellent!