Blank Exhibeo gallery


I have exported a gallery (Showtime) with the intention of integrating it with a CMS (not WordPress). Without the CSS, the main image is shown and the gallery appears as a standard HTML list. Obviously, this is normal as there is no styling.

When the CSS is added, the entire gallery just disappears. Not empty boxes or something like that. Just what looks like a completely missing DIV. The source code shows that everything is loaded correctly, though.

I would expect that the javascript would be the culprit but the file seems to be linked correctly.

I attempted to remove the script generated link to the js file and just went with everything after “window.xb_showtime” after the script tag and added a straight link to the script in the header. No luck.

Any assistance would be great.


I have played with this a great deal more and narrowed it down to what seems to be a JQuery version conflict. The site nav menu relies on JQuery 3.1.1 while Exhibeo relies on JQuery 1.7. The upshot is that either the gallery works or the nav works but not both. And no, this is not my code. I inherited something of a mess on the code side.

I have attempted the use jQuery.noConflict( true ); to resolve this without success.

If anyone has insight on how to resolve this, I’d appreciate it. Otherwise I’ll have to either replace the nav or use something other than Exhibeo for the gallery. Perfectly possible to do either but I’d rather they live happily together.