Blog software collaborator needed

I have seen a number of requests on the main lists(s) for a way to do
a blog in Freeway that will run on your own server.

Late last year, I started working on that and then stalled out. I
wasn’t busy at the time, but I am getting swamped now, and the
requests keep coming in. I

started by hand-coding the layout parts in TextMate, and had a
Freeway document going that would eventually generate them for me –
until Freeway crashed and I hadn’t saved in quite a while. That sort
of took the wind out of my sails.

You can see the wreckage here:

Make gratuitous posts here:



There’s quite a lot of work left to do on the back-end, mostly to do
with making it all much more tidy and easy to upload into a regular
hosting environment.

What I would like to see is if someone would undertake making the
Freeway template side of this.

I am using my simple template language, where replacement elements
are marked out with double-square-brackets: [[searchbox]] and the like.

I also started an Action called TemplateHelper which can make
“partials” – cut down page elements that are saved into single files
without any HEAD or BODY tags. Someone working with me on this would
create separate elements for the various functions. A comment form to
replace the generic hand-coded one, for example, or a layout for a
post preview and another one for the full-text version. The idea here
is that the final document could be saved as a Template, then used by
a new user to create a custom look for their blog.

If you are interested in helping me finish this, please do get in
touch off-list using one of the many fine contact methods available
through the Web forum (click my name in the top left of this post) or
by using “reply to sender” from this e-mail.



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