Browser Weirdness!

I have three Facebook boxes made from Freeway actions, the Like Box, the Recent Activity and the Recommendations FB box.

Here’s the deal: while looking at any of these 40 some different webpages with these three FB boxes via Chrome, Safari, Opera, or OmniWeb and even while viewing these pages through a web screen capturing app, Viola, these boxes are working perfectly.

But in FireFox and my favorite browser, Camino, the boxes appear as if I have not yet logged into FB. And I might be already logged in or not, it doesn’t matter, because when I try to log in, it just seems to slip last and not log in. Nothing I can do on my side and I am really thinking this is a bizarre behavior of Mozilla. I’ve not yet had the chance to check in IE on the Dark Side.

This is the first example that I have found in years and years where something works in the other browsers but not Firefox.

Any ideas?

This is a typical example but WARNING! This is a legal, licensed medical marijuana collective in California!

Thanks and maybe you can enjoy the view!


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