Can I have fixed header/sidebar + flow page underneath?

Following on from my thread (CSS Menus overflow | FreewayTalk | FreewayTalk) in which Walter provided the solution and Thomas pointed it out to me … thank you both.

I’m wondering if there is any way to achieve the following:

On my site I have two types of pages. 1/ my repsonisve, flexible pages which contain my image galleries and 2/ pages which contain information which requires a scrollable page … and for these I wanted to retain the ever-present header/sidebar, whilst also having the page scrollable to deliver the information.



Is it possible on page 2/, to have the same flexible/responsive header/sidebar that is on 1/ whilst also retaining the scrollable body of the page?

I’ve tried many iterations of box/inside box/not inside box, but I can’t find a way of retaining the responsive/resizing header/sidebar of 1/ AND have the text/content scrolling underneath the fixed header as it works in 2/

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