Centre aligning Exhibeo slider in a div


This is my first post in this new space. Looks good and hopefully will find my way back round things!

Its a relatively simple query regards being able to centre align an exhibeo gallery. I imagine it may be a simple resolution but am afraid I am not quite seeing it!

Any helpful insights would be much appreciated.
Hope everyone is well.

Hi tonzodehoo,

Are you using Xway or Freeway?

If you’re using Xway, an Exhibeo gallery normally takes up the full width of a page or parent box. If you’re using Freeway, you can achieve the same result by inserting the gallery as an inflow item (e.g. click inside the pagediv and insert the gallery when there is a text cursor) and setting its width to 100% in the Inspector palette. If you want the gallery to be narrower but centred, you can set a smaller width. Then (in Xway) choose Center from the Align popup in the Margins and Alignment section of the Box Inspector. Or (in Freeway) select the gallery and press right-arrow twice until the Inspector palette displays the Text pane, then choose Center Align in the Paragraph section of the Text pane.


Hello Jeremy,
Many thanks for taking the time to respond.

I am using Freeway 7.1.4. I have been using the method that you suggested. Tried it again from scratch but am still getting a left aligned exhibeo gallery.

Not sure what I am missing here as I presumed it would be as straightforward as you mention, which was how I had been doing it. I can’t think what else would be causing it not to perform as you describe.
Let me know if you have any further thoughts.

Which theme are you using?

Is this an Exhibeo 1 gallery or an Exhibeo 2 gallery?

Hello Jeremy,

Thanks for getting back to me. Its an exhibeo 1 gallery. Though I have just gone for the upgrade to exhibeo 2 which I shall try once I have it set up.
However is it possible in Exhibeo 1 to centre the gallery?

Update: I have tried out the Exhibeo 2 export to freeway version. For some reason this is not showing at all on the preview or when checked in browsers. Is there a more up to date Exhibeo Import action than v1.06?
In Exhibeo 2 I am using the Slide theme.

Is there a more up to date Exhibeo Import action than v1.06?

Yes, you need the Exhibeo 2 Import Action. If you go to the Help menu in Exhibeo 2 and choose “Install Freeway Action for Exhibeo” this should install it. Within Freeway, choose “Exhibeo 2 Import” instead of “Exhibeo Import” from the Action Item submenu.

Hello again Jeremy,

Thats a relief! I couldn’t find it on the actgionforge site. Thats a really helpful way to install the action.
Thank you it appears that we are functioning as we should be with regards the use of exhibeo.
Your support is much valued. Thanks again.

The following method works for me (I used an Exhibeo 1 Focus gallery):

  1. Insert an inflow HTML box (CSS Layout on)
  2. Insert an Exhibeo 1 gallery within the first box (also as an inflow item)
  3. Set the width of the first box to be the same as the gallery box and set its height to be undefined (Flexible)
  4. With the first box selected, choose Custom from the Margin popup in the Dimensions section of the Inspector palette
  5. Choose Center from the Align popup in the Margins dialog