Changing DNS and MX Records...

Hi maybe this needs to be in “off topic”…but…

I have just completed a client site, and am having some problems changing Name Servers, here is what’s going on.

Client has domain registered with Yahoo Small Business, client also has a (I believe a separate) email server. I have uploaded a new site to a new webhost, I thought it would be no trouble to just log into the yahoo account change the DNS records to point to the host’s name servers and as long as I didn’t mess with the MX records the email would be fine, and the new website would appear at his domain…well I did that and there was an interruption in the client’s email.

I reset the DNS back to the default which fixed the email problem.
I contacted the host I am using and they suggested that I change the A Record to point to an IP address that they provided to me…I guess I’m just nervous as I don’t want to effect this client’s email again.

Any ideas on how I can get the new website to show up with out effecting their email?

here is the current old site,

here is the new site running on the new host,


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