Changing Google Analytics code

In November last year I asked about adding a script for Google Analytics to my site and Jeremy kindly gave me guidance on the method to do this. I now have to change the script as Google Analytics is changing.

Originally I added the script through Generic Markup but now I need to change that script. How do I do it?
Before I added this through the Master Page to affect all other pages. I cannot see how to change it. I can see in Page under View in the file menu. Do I replace what is there by pasting the new on the master (or individual pages) or do I delete what is there and then add the new as before through Generic Markup? Or is there sssomething else I need to do?

Hi David,

Generic Markup is a section near the bottom of the Page Inspector (just below CSS Markup and JavaScript Markup). You can add/change it on a master page.

The Page option in the View menu is for switching between Page, Web, and HTML views (etc.)

The previous thread is here.

Thanks for that Jeremy but I don’t seem to getting on well here. How do I change the Generic Markup on the master. I can see the current words but cannot change them. I tried pasting in the new words to replace the old ones and the new don’t appear to show up on any page just the old so I have hit a brick wall. I need a bit more help please.

Hi David,

The Generic Markup text field is editable if you click on it.

If you paste new content in this field on a master page, and the new content don’t show up for any of the instance pages, look at the Use Master Generic Markup checkbox immediately below the text field. If that’s turned off, it means that the page has its own markup and isn’t using markup from the master page. If that’s the case, turn it back on and you should see that it’s updated with the master markup.

Thanks for that Jeremy.

By re-reading instructions and fiddling around I just solved it prior to reading your reply and now have all the pages showing the new markup. If I ever have to change again I will use the ‘Use Master Generic Markup’ to ensure it is on all pages. Slowly finding my way around Xway and learning all the time.