CMS Demo Site

I setup a ​very basic MODX public demo site for anyone wanting to see MODX from the admin side. Currently there’s only one page that can be edited.

I’m also working on adding an in-page editing demo (same site). In-page editing in MODX is vaguely similar to how WebYep works but with far more functionality and customization options like front-end editing of: code, background-images and galleries and new page creation and the option to edit the page in the back-end with a click. All done with a highly customizable RTE and file manager.

Not sure when the front-end demo will be ready though, I’m working on it as time permits between jobs so it could be a while.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in playing with the current über basic demo contact me off-list for the login info.

And yes, for those that don’t know MODX can be used with FWP, here’s a toot I wrote some time ago which is still relevant, Tutorial: Integrating the MODX CMF into a Freeway Pro Workflow | QREATiv. If you have questions about using FWP with MODX consider joining the Freeway Pro + MODX Slack Team.

First, RTFM. Then ask.

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