Controlling Exhibio components in Xway

I am confused as to how to control the location and appearance of Exhibio components on an Xway page if, for example, I want more than one on a page, perhaps in the same row. Should the components be inserted inside separate boxes?. Should I be using a flex box to insert the components into? When I put a box inside a flexbox (create an item) and try inserting an Exhibio component in it, it crashes Xway. Sorry if this isn’t obvious. Not to me. Thanks.

Hi Harold,

Components are block items (divs unless you change this), so they stand on their own line unless you use Flexbox layout.

Xway shouldn’t crash if you do this. I’ll log a bug!

[Bug number: XW-751]

So to get more than one component in a line next to each other I need to use flexbox with items (boxes) inside it that I insert the components into, right? I got this to work but I am not sure how. The crash occurs when I try to add the second component. I was able to duplicate it this way:

  1. insert a box and make it a flexbox.
  2. insert 2 boxes inside the flexbox
  3. double click on the first box and insert the component
  4. double click on the second box and on inserting the second component it crashes.

What am I doing wrong? I don’t recall what I did to make it work. I think this (above) is what I did and now it crashes again…
Thanks for your help!

I got it to work by inserting the components directly into the flexbox with no flexbox item boxes. I needed to define width to make the components visible.