Conversion from Freeway

Sorry, because you have been asked this thousands of times over the last years. But 16 July 22 I am asking again - how is it looking for conversion from my Freeway sites to Xway. The prospect of recreating them is too much work and time. But it would of course be fantastic to be able to convert…

Hi Steve,

It’s on our list, but we haven’t started working on it yet.

It’s not an easy task, I’m afraid. One issue: many Freeway sites (including all Freeway Express sites) use table layout, which has been deprecated for many years, and is not supported by Xway. One way we could import these layouts would be to convert them to actual tables - which Xway doesn’t currently support but will in future. Freeway sites that use CSS layout should be easier to import, but it’s not trivial.

We are planning to get there, but it’s going to take us a while longer.

Thanks. I understand the complexities. I am just updating one of my Freeway sites, and its getting harder and harder…but just dont have the time capital to firstly learn the wonderful X-way, and then completely rebuild this site, which has over 60 pages…so yeah, look forward to that day.

How about converting a site made with Rapidweaver to Xway? Is that possible at all? When it seemed like Freeway was gone I became a refugee using Rapidweaver which I regret. I wonder if I ever can convert my 4 sites to Xway without starting over? Thanks.

What does a Rapidweaver “site document” look like? Freeway has the whatever.fwdocument file, which stores a database comprising the entire site, every page, and all their geometry. Does Rapidweaver have a similar compound document comprising the entire site?

How possible it might be depends a lot on that document (if there is one) and how it composes the site internally. My guess is that until Freeway documents are readable by Xway (where by readable I really mean importable – I doubt the two site documents have anything remotely in common these days) I doubt there would be any bandwidth for this sort of project at Softpress Towers. But if the format of the document is readable in some way, there may be a way. It would also depend a lot on how scriptable Xway is or becomes.


Hi Harold,

You can import a site into Xway by copying and pasting text and resources from a browser (see “Appendix 2: Importing an existing website” in the Xway User Guide).