Converting from Buttons to CSS Menus

A few months ago, using Freeway 4 Pro, I built my first personal web
site in honor of my first Bluetick Coonhound, Louie Quatorze (Louie
XIV). (It’s a somewhat amusing story. I was reading a court hearing
transcript in which a Louisiana attorney, while giving the proper
pronunciation of his name, said to the judge that his name “is derived
from nobility, French nobility.” The pomposity made me laugh out
loud. I knew I had to use that line. I soon realized that it fit
Louie perfectly. Voila!
index.html ) The practical function of the web site is to post my
chess games online, so that my occasional coach, who lives 400 miles
away, can review them easily.

Anyways, I connected the various web pages using rollover buttons,
which seemed neat at the time. However, I now think CSS menus may be
more elegant. (After all, we are honoring the memory of French

Is there a streamlined procedure to convert a web site that uses
rollover-button navigation to one that uses CSS menus? Or should I
simply construct the new web site from scratch, cannibalizing the
elements of the old one as best I can? Please bear in mind that I am
not a professional web designer, and that Louie’s current web site is
the epitome of my capabilities.

I do have Freeway Pro 5.1.2.

Jim Marshall

P.S. I took the web site photo the evening before we had to put Louie
to sleep. The puppy in the background – PR Henri Bleu de Marechal,
or just “Henry” – joined us a couple of months later.

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